How to Create Engaging High Quality Videos

Do you want to use video to build a strong connection with your customers and target audience? Or make a strong and long-lasting impression on your target audience? Then you must make the commitment to create a Brand or Marketing video. We at Mediaworks are able to create stunning Video Ads to help you generate a real buzz around your business.

Whatever your vision is, we understand how to use stunning images and footage to bring your vision to life, a competence we have built for over a decade. The final cut can be repurposed and shared across all social media platforms and promoted on your website. Your trailer will be produced with the same story telling techniques that make film trailers so engaging and captivating.

Great video production is no longer the forte of major film studios. You no longer need a huge budget and studio execs to decide create a video with good production values and cinematic look. We use High end cameras lenses and lighting for brand story telling.



When you choose Mediaworks Productions, you’ll benefit from the services of highly skilled and experienced filmmakers. Mediaworks is one of the top Video Commercial production companies with a retinue of Clients and projects to its name.

Video Production Services: Everything You Need to Know About Our Video Production Process:

The Production Process

We deliver excellence every step of the way Pre Production to shooting (Production), to editing, to sound mixing (Post production), . Our services will allow you to trigger the same endorphin rush that audiences go to the movies to experience. Rest assured, our videos will enable your business to come across as being a cut above the rest.

What does it take to do video marketing well?

Regardless of whether you have an in-house team or hire a video production company to handle your video marketing, there are three categories of video production services you’ll either need to do yourself or make sure the company you hire offers:



Preproduction is the first part of video production. It happens behind the scenes but it’s probably the most important part of creating a video that accomplishes the goals you want it to

Preproduction is the video production service that includes creative and planning. This includes video production services like:

  • Evaluating your video’s objective, target audience, method of delivery, and tone
  • Formulating a budget
  • Creative development and pitching
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding and outlining
  • Shot lists (the scenes you want to include in your video)
  • Location scouting (looking for places to record your video)
  • Casting
  • Permitting (getting the necessary permits from your municipality)
  • Equipment prep and rental (as needed)



The actual video shoot is the production component of video production.  Here are a few of the video production services that go into production:

  • The Producer is involved in all phases of production from concept to completion. This includes coordination, supervision, and control of budget, talent, crafts, and more.
  • The Director of Photography (Main Camera Operator) works with a Director to execute their vision for the script. They oversee the Camera and Lighting Departments and create the visuals that tells the story visually
  • The Assistant Camera Operator is responsible for marking a sync point between the video and audio with a clapper board (slating), making sure that the focus is set correctly, and changing batteries and recording media.
  • The Field Audio Engineer mixes, reproduces, and manipulates sound and effects.
  • The Gaffer is the head of the lighting department. They’re responsible for the design of the lighting plan.
  • The Grip develops and builds the set for a movie, commercial, or television show. Grips work on the equipment that supports the cameras and lighting.
  • Makeup Artists must know and understand makeup and the techniques used to apply it to the face and neck. Body Makeup Artists apply makeup to various areas of the body and can alter the actor’s appearance.
  • The Drone Operator operates any drone cameras used for video production.
  • The Production Assistant is responsible for communications between the various production departments and managing lockups.
  • Specialty equipment might include high-def cameras, lighting, audio, and other equipment.

Post Production

After your video has been filmed, post-production begins. This stage includes video production services like:

  • Footage management
  • Video Editing
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Voice Over recording
  • Audio mastering
  • Color grading

Post product typically covers everything that happens after principal photography or recording is complete.


Video services we offer

Mediaworks is a full-service video production company in Lagos, our video production services includes – Production of TV Commercials, promotional and documentary, Coporate and brand videos, Educational and social media videos

Commercial/Advertising Videos

Commercials tend to be 30–90 seconds and can be scripted, docu-style, or animated. This type of service might includes sponsored and brand content.

Promotional Documentary Videos

These videos range from 1–30 minutes and use interview-driven storytelling. Promotional videos, infomercials, and travel videos typically fall into this category.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos include everything from long training videos to brand culture videos to promotional videos and are generally 1–60 minutes in length.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are things like explainer videos, PSAs, tutorials, and how-to videos. They can be quick, 30-second videos or longer videos for more in-depth topics.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos tend to be 15–60 seconds and can include text, music, and narration. This type of video is used across social media platforms and does particularly well on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube

Want to discover how our cinematic video production company can take your promotional strategy to new heights? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. From helping you Formulate the concept to working closely with you during production, to adding the final touches, we will exceed your expectations.

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