We were approached by the team at FSDH,  to handle live streaming of the FSDH Women in business Initiative, tagged Women on the rise – Leveraging technology, communities. Whether we are deploying on Zoom (the meeting) or Zoom Webinar, our team can concurrently transmit the signal on multiple social media platforms.

After seeing the pandemic era speed up adoption of digital technologies, it is important to take a closer look at how businesses are rethinking the role of tech in overall business strategies. Livestreaming this event would not have been possible without a paid Restream account.


Before now, streaming to multiple platforms was a hassle. In most cases, you’ll have to leverage on third party software, which is typically not robust. The Restream studio is a super simple live video platform that empowered our team to multi stream the FSDH event to multiple channels concurrently.

Everything we needed for a successful live stream was available within our reach, as we Supercharged the live stream right from our browser. We connected our facilitators and virtual keynote speaker via zoom Webinar, then we broadcast the signal across other platforms -YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn – at the same time to engage with the virtual audience.  We successfully captured and broadcast the stories of some of the finest business men and women in Nigeria as they shared how they are building tech, leveraging tech and breaking barriers through effective female communities, capital and network.

By choosing Restream.io as the streaming destination, we broadcast our content to as many platforms as possible —  without the need for added Internet bandwidth. as opposed to other livestreaming software like OBS which allows you to live stream to just one platform.

For us at Mediaworks, deploying cutting edge technology and employing up to date story telling techniques in our service delivery is a competence we have built for over a decade. We ensure to provide our clients with excellent service delivery and high value for their money.

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