Before everything changed in 2019, Mediaworks Production had already caught on to the idea of video live streaming as a tool for a range of business activities. Then came the pandemic, No longer was live video “nice to have” as an augment to in-person activities;

The last couple of years has seen a significant rise in hybrid live-streamed events.  What is a hybrid event and what does it mean to successfully produce and Livestream a hybrid event? A hybrid event is one that uses a combination of in-person and digital attendance of an event.

As a video production solution provider, to create a hybrid event that helps an organization reach its goals, one must tailor each element for tailored to each audience for optimal experiences and creating real engagement

According to a case study on virtual attendees by Meetings Today, organizations that live stream their events experience around a 23% conversion rate of remote attendees who become physical attendees the next few times the event is offered.

Hybrid events are here to stay

The great thing about a hybrid event is that it allows you to create a targeted experience for people attend in person, while also allowing you to create an engaging, enticing experience for an off line audience joining remotely. It is more convenient for your viewers when you live stream your events. The problem of time and distance is solved because your viewers can connect from any part of the world. This in turn increases the number of viewer engagement


Each part of a hybrid event, whether in-person or virtual, is specifically designed and personalized for each audience to drive engagement and exploration. While in-person audience gets the high-touch firsthand experience, your virtual audience can navigate and get engaged with the diverse facets of the event remotely and conveniently from the comfort of their home.


Hybrid events production can work in for any event. Here are recent examples:

At Mediaworks, we have produced and Live streamed over 100 hybrid events. These events have occurred in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria.

LASRIC – The Lagos Science, Research and Innovation Fund presented grants and research funds to Lagosian with innovative ideas and a penchant for solving problems in Lagos, those who couldn’t attend in person were sent a link where they could watch a livestream of the presentation. Not only did this greatly expand the overall event audience and create engagement for remote attendees, it also provided the Lagos State Government with a larger reach, allowing for better demographic inclusion.



HiiL – The Hague Institute for International Law Livestreamed a hybrid event that featured partners, thought leaders and relevant stakeholders in the dispensation of justice in Kaduna State. The event sought to engage its two audience segments in different ways. They created an intimate, in-person experience for attendees to hear presentations and participate in discussions directly. At the same time, they provided a live broadcast of the deliberations and discussions with the online community, and thereafter provided on-demand content for the attendees.

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