Today, video sales letters (VSLs) are the medium of choice for anyone with a product or service to sell.

What really  is a video sales letter? how do they work? But more importantly, how do you create a video sales letter that converts without wasting valuable time and recourses?

If you’re interested in making video sales letters (VSL) for your company or have questions about what they are, you are in the right place.  At Mediaworks we have created dozens of Video Sales letters for brands and companies seeking to communicate meaningfully, succinctly and impactfully.

So why is Video Sales Letter (VSL) such a powerful marketing tool; what are they, why do you need them, what do you include in a VSL that Converts? how to create them, all these answers and more, including suggestions on how to make creation easy. We will share how to effectively interact with potential customers using our VSL formula, which we have used for numerous organizations.


Creating Video Sales Letter (VSL) that really convert.

A video sales letter is a marketing tool used to convince a target audience to buy a specific good or service. Originally, sales letters were crafted in form of direct mail — which was usually 10 pages or longer.

The idea was to replace or complement the effort of the door-to-door salesperson with a more cost-effective method of informing potential clients about all the features and benefits of a specific product. While regular sales letters are effective, video sales letters incorporate Video marketing which has grown in popularity and effectiveness over the past several years.


69% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. Video sales letters are used in place of written sales copy to explore a problem and present a specific good or service as the answer. It’s no surprise that 88% of marketers report that they’ll be spending more dollars on video campaigns in the future because Video Sales Letter (VSL) are persuasive, engaging and visually appealing.


Video Sales Letter (VSL): The winning formula

Great video sales letters will grab attention, appeal to the problems and pain points of your target audience, and will introduce your product as the answer to those pain points, and lastly inspire your target audience to take action.


  1. Grab attention.

Captivate viewers with relatable content. With a compelling hook and eye-catching images, you want to capture potential buyers’ attention in the opening few seconds of the video.

  1. Highlight the problem or Pain Point.

What problem does your product solve? Highlight and agitate the problem (describe how the problem shows up in the day-to-day lives of your potential customers)

  1. Introduce your product or Service as solution.

Offer your product or service as the solution. You want to show people you can bring needed help and relieve to their pain points.

  1. Establish credibility, Provide Social proof.

Position yourself as a trustworthy authority. You can mention your credentials here, provide social proof to inspire confidence and boost credibility.

  1. Provide proof.

You can’t expect your viewers to simply take your word for it that your product works, you need to demonstrate it. You can do this with customer testimonials, statistics, before and after pictures — anything that will convince your audience.

  1. Inspire action.

You’ve laid out the problem, introduced the solution, and provided proof — what do you want your viewers to do next? This is where you introduce a strong CTA (call to action)


Create Your Video Sales Letter (VSL) and do more with Video

Creating a video sales letter is easy with Mediaworks, With dozens of Video Sales Letters (VSL) to our credit, we have enabled businesses do more with video. We have built the capacity and experience to handle the production of VSL from Script to Final Cut and promotion.


Script Writing

At Mediaworks , we understand that a VSL should start off with a strong hook. This could be an interesting question, a controversial statement, or staggering statistics. Anything that demands attention and most specifically, it is relevant to your product or service.

Video Production

With over a decade in video production, we have mastered the various steps in the process of creating a Video Sales Letter (VSL), video production is Competence that we have built to help brands do more with video.

Promotion of VSL

Content is King, But distribution is King. Over time working with businesses, we’ve found that three of the best ways to promote a video sales letter are – Creating a stand-alone landing page, E mail campaigns, and paid ads.

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