Art of Technology Lagos is an Innovation & Technology conference that brings together people in the technology space, policy makers, government officials, venture capitalists, product designers, cultural architects, software engineers /programmers, creative architects, innovators and tech enthusiasts to have conversations around smarter, digital, more efficient and a more competitive Lagos.

The outcome of the conference was the launch of Lagos State Innovation Masterplan and other developmental initiatives. In 2020, the conversation was themed SMART DATA, SMARTER LAGOS.

Mediaworks has worked on AOT Lagos from its inception in 2019, and in the last two years, Mediaworks has assumed full responsibility for design, video production and Livestreaming to audiences in over 10 countries and over 8,000 people in attendance (Both Virtual and Physical).


The first step was understanding Eko Innovation / Lagos State Government event objectives, needs and audience—something Mediaworks excels at due to the agency’s long history working with the brand. Knowing the Art of Technology Lagos is a platform for connecting to people in the tech ecosystem and not the average consumer, Mediaworks ensured and end to end solution was designed to meet event KPIs.

Mediaworks team collaborated Eko Innovation Center to bring AOT to Live and reach its mostly virtual audience. The team engaged Multiple camera production, Providing Multimedia support at the venue and Livestreaming the content to audiences across multiple platforms including – YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and the event’s website.

Members of the Mediaworks team handled post production of the event, providing detailed pictures, videos for Post Event Amplification. Mograph designers then worked to integrate the various Montages into a cohesive design that attracted online viewers and left a lasting impression.


Mediaworks delivered on all fronts at Art of Technology 2.0 Lagos, from strategy, to video production, Event Live streaming and event execution. The Mediaworks team handled traffic with over 8,700 people participating from 78 countries, Over 70 Speakers (24 Virtual Speakers).