NBC came to Mediaworks to create an app for their annual sales and marketing conference: NBC Commercial Conference 2019

A 2 -day event with guests arriving and departing after the gala night or dinner the next day. Attendees comprising primarily Full-term commercial employees, other stakeholders including nominees from other functions and dealers.

Mediaworks was saddled with the responsibility of designing an application that catalogues guests’ information, arrivals and registration into hotel. The company needed help building the app, beginning with strategy and continuing through design and execution.


Mediaworks worked with NBC and the Experiential agency to catalogue and create profile for over 500 guests. Developed an App that Scans and Track Attendees at Event. Attendance Tracker, a simple cloud-based system used to automatically track attendance using barcodes. The barcode on the printed badge contains the ID of the attendee. This solution allows you to print your own badges or use the badges you use currently.

The portable barcode scanner records the badge, event, date and time the individual attended each session. Reports such as who, what, when and where can be generated for the attendees at each session.

This straight forward brief actually proved to be quite complex, but Mediaworks emerged as the perfect partner. With a rushed timeline, we developed the app strategy, designed the screens and user experience, managed the development of the app, and helped the agency navigate decisions based on research and experience.


Planning event production and utilizing tech to drive solutions for a large company like NBC doesn’t come easy, so the speed at which Mediaworks was able to get this job done is a testament to the innovation and dedication of the team.

This solution proved so successful that the client was able to access data anytime and anywhere with our browser-based solution. Mediaworks continues to be involved in strategy, and development of technology-based solutions in addition to our Video production capacity. This project paved the way for the agency to take the lead in the execution of even larger project.

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