Samsung Mobile with its wide range of products was seeking a way to engage consumers prepare for a hitch free and enjoyable christmas period.

A Christmas Memoir idea was broached to provide tips and ideas for Christmas meals, guide consumers on common table etiquettes and tips for hosting guests on Christmas day. Mediaworks worked on the concept, execution and production of the video campaign.


The first step was understanding the meals and needs of the audience. Knowing that Samsung mobile is used for connecting people during the Christmas period, Mediaworks ensured the Samsung story covered most relevant topics like the Food and cooking prep, setting the table for dishes, cleaning up afterwards, and more. This was easy to achieve due to our long history working with food brands.

Mediaworks collaborated with an Influencer/ food blogger over six Episodes to bring these various stories together. The team created video content that engaged and educated consumers and went further to create a downloadable food recipe E book with all the meals prepared during the episodes.

The food blogger and influencer worked to integrate the various meals and looks into a cohesive design that will appeal to our audiences and leaving a lasting impression while the Mediaworks team detailed pictures and videos.


The MediaWorks team scored High on production values and timely execution, given the limited time line available from strategy to production, suffice to say that this gave the Samsung team crucial tools for delivering their message. The video campaign was a big success with over 100,000 impressions.