Sanofi is positioned as a “thought leader” in the Pharmacy industry, ready to revolutionize the patient & Healthcare professionals’ lives. The company Using inspiring digital innovation to create a customized experience for all attendees at the Pediatric Association of Nigeria Conference (PANCOF). The issue is all the big Pharma companies playing in different categories will be in attendance, how do you create a WOW Experience at your stand? The solution? Create audience engagement with Virtual Reality.

Mediaworks developed an augmented reality app offering a comprehensive view of 2 of Sanofi’s flag ship brands – Orelox and Flemming.


Prior to MediaWorks’s involvement, Sanofi explored digital other methods using laptops and iPads, but the experience never rose to the level needed to truly match the brand.

Mediaworks solved this by bringing augmented reality to the table, and they loved it. The company utilized the top-of-the-line content and gamification driven by real-time VR learning Experience, pharmacists and attendees were introduced into the innovative world of patient care, using Sanofi’s inventions. With VR technology, learning about their flagship brand was easy and very memorable, it raised Top of the Mind awareness for the Sanofi brand.

Mediaworks modeled the two of the drugs featured in the app, each containing separate body of information with regards to a drug action, active component, mechanism of drug action, dosage, etc. Mediaworks took this experience even further by arming each player in the experience booth information to hunt down and exterminate disease causing organism.


The team created experiences that engaged and educated consumers through videos, interactive touchscreens, and immersive Virtual Reality solutions while giving Sanofi salespeople crucial tools for delivering their message.

The response from the conference attendees was overwhelming, and the project was considered a complete success.

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