The Genesis of A Video Conferencing Platform

Zoom‘s founder Eric Yuan migrated to the United states to work in tech. As an engineer, he previously worked with Webex communication developing their video conferencing software before Cisco acquired Webex in 2007.


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Webex’s had deficiencies which included unstable connectivity, audio and video lag time, this was frustrating for end users, But Yuan had set out to solve that.

This is How Yuan Built cloud-based video conferencing service

Building a formidable team:
In an interview with Forbes, Yuan recalls that close to 40 engineers left with him to pursue the goal of creating an easy to use video conferencing app.

Addressing customer pain point:
He took all the problems experienced on Webex and aimed to create a video conferencing software to solve them, and this became his obsession.

Value Proposition:
Zoom provided a lot in exchange for very little, with its 3 in 1 package – HD, video conferencing, mobility and web meetings for $9.99 which was cheaper than other options.

Committed to Improving video:
Zoom was created with a video first mentality, other companies like Skype created audio first and then adjusted to video.

Exceptional Customer service:
Zoom understands what the customer wants and its technology and customer service satisfy them better than competitors do.


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